Get a sun-kissed glow even during the cold winter months!

We have a fantastic sunbeds that can help you to achieve the deep, attractive tan you desire.

Tanning and sunbeds

Alisun XXL Vertical Tanning Sunbed

Sunbeds priceUnparalleled perfection: the SunVision VXXL. Based on proven technology, this vertical sunbed leaves nothing to be desired. An excellent body cooling system in combination with the Cool Breeze Unit provides superior comfort. The separate tube cooling ensures that the tubes perform to perfection. These powerful two metre reflector tubes are situated close together to guarantee even and rapid full body tanning. The VXXL offers everything to satisfy the most demanding tanning needs. This powerful sunbed guarantees maximum efficiency on a surface of only 2m squared. A sure winner! 

With its 48 powerful 200-225 Watt tubes the SunVision XXL represents the ultimate in vertical tanning. It is the leading model in its field, with an unrivaled price/quality ratio. For full-body, uniform tanning in just a short period of time, with all the comfort and luxurious extras. With its elegant lines and modern appearance, it beautifully enhances any surroundings. With the SunVision VXXL you gain more than just space.

• The VXXL series is equipped with powerful two metre long reflector tubes for full body tanning.
• Tanning times are short, and the unique equalising acrylics and advanced lamp cooling guarantee the maximum tanning effect every time.

• Ergonomic handles
• Individually adjustable face cooler.
• Extra cooling for the whole body with the Cool Breeze Unit, including 2 stereo high-power speakers and sensor-controlled lighting.

Safety and Maintenance:
• High quality materials – durable, wear-resistant and hygienic.
• Easy Access® front service panel – electronic controls within easy reach.
• Active Safety Monitoring System.

Dimensions: 1160 x 1240 x 2320 hig

Zenith SQ Lie-down Sunbed

Lie-down sunbeds London

We proudly present the new redesigned Zenith SQ -a lie-down sunbed, ergonomically designed for superb tanning performance. Healthy attraction with D-vitamin inside. The Zenith SQ with 30 Ultra Tan D-vitamin tubes and Face booster Golde Sun ray HP-B gives you a complete coverage for that all over natural looking tan. Ultra-efficient high pressure body ventilation and computerized after-cooling temperature control ensures a great tanning experience.  Made in Sweden.


Tanning Lotions for Sunbeds

Sweet Emotion Super Accelerator Dark Tanning Lotion

Pro Tan Sweet Emotion Super Accelerator Dark Tanning Lotion


You'll Look Good Enough To Eat!
Sweet Emotion will curb your tanning sugar tooth. Created for all skin types to assist in the earlier stages of Melanin building. It's time for a beautiful tan and a healthy looking glow.  Featuring our exclusive CX2 Skin Firming complex for optimum benefits. The ideal dark tanning lotion to establish the perfect base tan.

Size: 22 ml
Price: £3.50

Tanning lotion for sunbeds

Pro Tan Fabtabulous Tanning Lotion 


Decadently Dark Accelerator for flawless colour
No Tingle - No bronzer. Suitable for beginner tanners. 
This quick absorbing, dark tanning blend with Tyrosine helps promote melanin production for a natural, darker looking tan.  
Exotic oils help to moisturise while tanning leaving your skin feeling silky & soft. Enriched with vitamins and antioxidants to help combat free radicals for a more youthful glow. Also contains a Body Sculpting Complex to firm and tone your skin's appearance.

Size: 22 ml
Price: £3.50

Pink Diamond Dark Tingle Bronzer 22 ml

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion


This dazzlingly original tingle bronzer has been polished and shined to reveal its ultimate sparkle. Featuring its original T2 tingle power, this tanning “gem” has an updated look with a new, more moisturizing feel! Expose your fundamental Swedish Beauty with the refreshed, refashioned and renewed color of Pink Diamond!

    • Carat  Complex- Bronzing combination that provides a deep, underlying dark tone to enhance your tingle color
    • Firming and Toning Blend- Caffeine and Allantoin tone and firm the skin by helping to stimulate tissue growth
    • Polished Smooth Skin- unique ingredients that help condition, heal and soothe to keep your tingle at the perfect balance of comfort & color
    • Flawless Finish Moisture - 3 new super moisturizers promote a glowing bronze for any skin type
    • TanFresh™ Blend - Tea Tree Oil plus a unique skin emollient protect against after-tan odor
Size: 22 ml
Price: £3.50

Dark escape tanning lotion  Dark Escape® Restore


Deep. Exotic. Intense.
Take your skin on a tropical trip with this tantalizing Hypoallergenic Intensifier. This fruity cocktail feeds your skin tan-loving nutrients with Agave Nectar® while Balm Mint helps protect your skin. Infuse skin in refreshing Coconut Oil for extreme hydration and a silky, smooth exotic glow.

Size: 22 ml
Price: £3.50 

Hey gorgeous tanning lotion

Synergy Tan Hey Gorgeous! Tanning Accelerator


If super-sexy dark colour is what tanners crave, Synergy Tan's Hey Gorgeous! is a must try. The dark accelerator lotion is rich in aloe vera, copper PCA, shea butter, hemp seed oil, Tahitian Monoi oil and unipertan V-2002. Contains Tahitian vanilla fruit and antioxidants for a fabulous dark tan.

Size: 22 ml
Price: £3.50